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The Classic by Athens Prime Hotels rooms are all equipped with digital security.


The Athens Experience

Athens Prime Hotels is a chain of elegant hotels, located in the dynamic and vibrant historical center of Athens. We guarantee a relaxing and home-like atmosphere, combining the luxury and classic architectural design of Athens Prime Classic, along with the modern, sophisticated interiors of Athens Prime Trendy, providing you our warmest guest-centered hospitality and all necessary facilities to enjoy the charming urban vibes of Athens. Our goal is to create priceless heart-warming memories by providing our dear guests with:


Athens Prime Hotels

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The Parthenon is the main building of the Acropolis of Athens, located in the center of the city.
The Athens Academy. A landmark of knowledge.. A symbol of free thinking in the modern world.

and the iconic monuments.

Αthens is one of Europe’s most attractive and charming capitals with a magnificent history filled with iconic monuments such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis. The heart of the Historical Center has his own unique character featuring an interesting blend of old and authentic buildings along with Neoclassical ones. 

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