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Inside one of the rooms of the Trendy by Athens Prime Hotels. Double bed with white & blue pillows.


The Trendy by Athens Prime Hotels entrance with big black doorway, and gold sign.

trendy wine bar

a unique sophisticated hot spot

Gathering both locals and multinational crowds, the Trendy by Athens Prime Hotels Wine Bar is located in the center of Athens. Imagine a fragment of heaven where you have that satisfying sense of community, where there are no barriers cross-culturally, where you feel tenderly cocooned by the ambiance with it’s boozy aroma, the gentle clinking of the glasses and soft beats of the music, where you can hear smiles in the soft chatter of the visitors, where you can actually taste care and beauty in your glass and plate…

Sleek design, fine music, broad collection of quality beverages accompanied with gastronomic delights – all suitable for both: business and leisure, will fill your soul with infinite feeling of pleasure.


The Trendy by Athens Prime Hotels boutique hotel has 44 brand new rooms which are comfortable and tastefully designed, with a modern touch and attention to detail. Each of our rooms offer a luxury mattress with high quality linens, smart TV, Nespresso machine with free capsules, milk, and small treats to make your stay more pleasant. The rooms also have a refrigerator and safety box.

The Economy Double Room of Trendy by Athens Prime Hotels in the center of Athens, Greece.


Homemade healthy breakfast

Our Homemade healthy breakfast served out in a rich buffet, enriched with selected fresh Greek handmade products that have been prepared exclusively by local interns and our well-trained staff.
Our aim is to introduce you to the most famous bakeries, products and traditional food from the area with the Greek gastronomic aromas and flavors, so you can start your day full of energy.

Woman enjoying her breakfast at the Classic by Athens Prime Hotels buffet


Athens Prime Hotels specialize in the well-known Greek hospitality only in the best and prime locations. A new hospitality statement with 3* & 4* Boutique  Hotels is born in the heart of Athens.

Discover Athens

experience the magnificent history

Girl visiting famous Ancient Greek landmarks in the historical centre of Athens.
The Athens Academy. A landmark of knowledge.. A symbol of free thinking in the modern world.

and the iconic monuments.

Athens is one of Europe’s most attractive and charming capitals with a magnificent history filled with iconic monuments such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis. The heart of the Historical Center has its own unique character, featuring an interesting blend of old and authentic buildings along with Neoclassical ones. Walk on the paved streets and explore the local shops and small workshops and take a break to enjoy the city’s trendy restaurants, cafés and bars.

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